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More rolling blackouts ordered in California amid power shortages and heatwave - TIME TO GET SOLAR!

As many have experienced in the past few days. San Diego has been experiencing a serious heatwave that many are relating to the "2006 North American Heatwave" which was fatal for 130 Californians, prevent this by doing what is right.

Stop depending on San Diego Gas & Electric and depend on yourself. Save yourself and your family the heartache of energy blackouts and get solar. Not only is it great for the environment and your family's happiness, it's also great on your wallet.

The long term benefits and savings far outweigh the heartache and pain of suffering through heatwaves in your own home.

You've worked hard to live a comfortable life, why are you skimping on living comfortably at home?

With prices of solar coming down so much over the past few years along with the last year of Tax Rebates. You might as well start now.

The chart below can provide you a sense of costs and estimates!

We got news of California's blackout from the article below.

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